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5 secrets to finding happiness

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

We all know that one of the keys to happiness is doing what you love. Whether that be in your career, chosen vocation or a simple hobby, each is equally important.

We have all heard that doing what you love in work, is a means to not feeling like it is work at all! But how do we work out what it is we really enjoy and how do we turn that into a career or a way to make a living. Start with your hobbies, is there something you really enjoy that you can take to the next level. For example if you love photography, there are many different directions you could take. Scenic, Wedding, Real Estate, Travel. Do you love the outdoors, trekking, kayaking? Perhaps an outdoor educator role is for you.

Sometimes using your hobby as a way to make a few extra $$ outside your normal job is enough to keep you motivated and happy in your day to day routine.

Depending where you are in your own career life journey, may determine how adventurous you are to give it a go. I read recently (cannot recall source) recommending those in their late teens early 20's to throw themselves into the adventure and see where it leads and worry about the more serious sides of life e.g. further study to later, and use those early youthful adult years to explore interests and see what takes hold. Well, I will leave that to you to debate.

A starting point at any stage of your career life is to work with a Careers Practitioner. We work with you to decipher areas of interests, how to adapt it to the work environment or how to balance your life so it is enriched and work doesn't necessarily feel like work.

Vocational Assessment Tools are a great tool when used in conjunction with a qualified careers practitioner. Get Started today, identify what truly motivates you and start setting goals to achieve it.

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