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Prepare, Practice, Perform

Updated: Feb 9

Prepare - like any sport, or skill you put preparation in. You purchase the right shoes, clothes to exercise in, buy the right equipment to work the muscles you want to increase. You research the gym that suits you the best - cost, location, culture. Well, lets put the same preparation into the preparation for the job interview. To get to the job interview you have already performed much of the research, you applied for the job because it ticked your boxes, $, Location, type/job content. You have googled the company profile to get a picture of the company culture. To get the interview you must have tailored your application to highlight your specific experience and skills. Next step Interview. Selecting what to wear is the easy part, you already know to always overdress, smart casual as a minimum - here on the Sunny Coast anyway!.

There a few Top Questions that will more than likely be asked. Why? Because they are designed to see if you have given some thought to your answers, to see if you have a genuine interest in the job/company, and to see if you have taken the time to identify why you are the best fit for the job.

Q1. Tell us a little about yourself. Designed to calm your nerves. Gives you the chance to get your nerves in check and feel comfortable on a topic you know best..You. Beware..prepare a brief synopsis of you...A good place to start is the profile you have highlighted on your Resume/CV. Keep it professional and work related (don't disclose how many husbands/wifes', children you have. Hobbies OK. And keep it brief.

Q2. Why are you interested in this job? / How does this job fit in with your career plan? Designed to get an understanding of what you are looking for in your next job. YOU need to know why this job is of interest to you. If you are not really keen or passionate about this job, it will be detected in your answer. From your research you may have learned they have a great training or promotion culture, perhaps their values align with yours, Is that the appeal? Is the job the next step up for you and a chance to put your studies to practice? Is it a change of industry for you and a stepping stone in your transitioning career? Find your answer and practice it.

Q3. What skills/strengths will you bring to the role? This is your big chance to sell yourself! Know the job you have applied for, why did you think you were in the running for it? What do you think you have that other candidates may not? Is it experience, is it specific knowledge?. Be Specific. Think of 5 key reasons.

Use cheat cards, write your answers to all the above and practice, practice, practice

Then on the day - Perform -

Because you have prepared and practiced, on the day of interview you may find you are not too nervous, as you have your responses ready. There will of course be other questions, and they will be job specific questions, that if you have the knowledge and demonstrated experience to draw on to answer them ... your answers will flow. Good Luck

Recruitment and Selection has now been forced to use more online platforms, there may be Video interviews, Zoom Calls. Preparation will always be key. If you have a job interview coming up, Blackmore Careers will tailor a session to assist you with your preparation. There is a lot of information in the Job Advertisement and Role Description that will give you clues as to what competencies they are looking for and therefore what questions they will ask you.

Clue - KPI's: they will ask you about what experience you have working to KPI's and will draw out how you meet them or....don't.

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