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Focus on the NOW

NOW lets say the NOW equates to the next 4-8 weeks, of life as we know being altered. Your real career goals and aspirations have been placed on hold. Perhaps it is not the time to be asking for that pay rise or that promotion, right now. Maybe if your job is currently secure, it's time to sit tight and use that energy in other areas of online study or upskilling so you are ready to pounce when normality returns.

For those on the Sunshine Coast where Hospitality and Tourism has been hit hard, many casual workers from cleaners, office staff, food & beverage staff, kitchen staff and many more now need to replace this with something else. What is the something else? If you think short term and know its not the forever try something you wouldn't normally do. Currently large retail outlets need staff to replenish stock, including large online providers - think outside the box. Many casual backpackers have had to return home, this leaves an opening in the seasonal fruit arena, who are now needing staff. Register for short term - contract/temp work. Research local Labour Hire companies and register with them for any short term opportunities. What are your transferable skills? Are you an effective communicator? Do you like speaking on the phone? Work in a Call Centre???

Recruitment and Selection has now been forced to use more online platforms, so ensure your documents are ATS friendly especially if applying to larger organisations. Practice your "virtual face" set your phone up to video yourself and take note on how you sit, what your body language is saying to the camera, so if you do get that online "Skype or Zoom" interview you are well practiced. Good Luck!

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