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Preparing to Land the right job.

Updated: Feb 28

Resume development can be a little like knowing which cord to pull on the parachute. Knowing what to put in, what to leave out. Below are some of the key points to follow to allow a safe landing.

Step by Step approach:

  • You found the advertised job - Now Research - Use google, use Linkedin. Gain an understanding of the company, their culture, their vision and values. See who heads up the company, the team. Does the company align with your values and needs?

  • Build your Intro: this can be a Profile/Summary of your career to date and perhaps why you are now applying for a new position - Keep it Brief - think "Speed Dating" 30 Seconds..Go.

  • Employment History - Company Name / Dates / Job Title.

  • Use Bullet points or short paragraphs.

  • White Space - there should be plenty of it on your page/s. If your document looks too "wordy" it will NOT get read. Make it easy on the eye.

  • Number of pages - be led by what they are asking for - ideally 2-3 maximum.

  • Content - Tailor your content to the job advertisement: Ask yourself is this information I am including relevant to this job I am applying for? if it's not take it out.

  • Personal Info. - Leave it out. Your religion, marital status, how many children you have or don't have are irrelevant to your ability to perform the job.

  • Photo - No please do not include.

  • Referee's include if requested to do so - Please ensure the people you are listing know they are your referee's for this specific job.

Good Luck; #interview #coaching #preparation #job

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