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Get ready to land that Job.

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Well done! you have pulled all the right cords to land. You tailored the resume and cover letter to the job specifically and landed an Interview. - What next?

Now you prepare for the Interview, just as you prepared your Job application / Resume.

Step by Step approach:

  • Ask who will be attending the interview; Will it be a panel of people made up with a HR Rep and Line Manager/s. Best to know before hand so you are not put off when you walk in and see a panel of 3 or more. Will it be one -on- one, who will that one person be? Ask.

  • Research - Just as you researched the company to tailor your job application, go back and research again use whatever information is on the company website to understand the culture, vision and mission of the organisation and those running it. ( as an Interviewer myself one of my initial questions was always " what do you know about x company" it was always very evident those that had taken the time to research and those that had not!) Note: Culture and Vision of the company may be included in their questions to you, to ascertain if you are a culture/company fit.

  • Review the Job Advertisement - highlight key criteria; that criteria you addressed in your resume, cover letter or selection criteria is where the questions they ask you will be formulated from. E.g. Communication, Negotiation, Analytical, Strategy, Attention to Detail.

  • Take the time to understand your own ability/skill level in each criteria and how you are going to communicate your ability and expertise; Think of examples that you can draw on to elaborate and support your abilities. Acknowledging that you have awesome negotiation skills is not sufficient. Think of examples to show how awesome you are at negotiating.

  • Practice being interviewed. Practice in front of a mirror, video yourself - very important if you are having a virtual / online interview .

  • Lastly - think of at least 2 questions you would like to know about the position or the company.

  • Ensure in your planning, your Referee's are up to date and have been briefed.

Good Luck; #interview #coaching #preparation #job

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