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Preparing for Your Future

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Never before has preparation been as important as it is now.

Planning now is the key - start the To Do List, cross off as you complete and keep adding to it"

With the current world situation, we are experiencing a very unique world of work, one that many of us have never experienced before. Many are working from home for the very first time and learning to deal with those new challenges. Some which may be internet connection, sharing space with the partner or children who are not normally home!! Space in general. Start your list, what do you need to do to ensure it all runs smoothly - a timetable perhaps.

If you are looking for work create a daily list of "To Do" Keep it short between 1-5 items on it. It might just be 1. Update Resume 2. Make one phone call about a potential opportunity

3. Spend 30 mins viewing online job search platforms for new listings. 4. Start researching courses of interest for online upskilling. 5. Call Lee Blackmore Careers note 0403 957 621 to get assistance and guidance

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